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Artists On The Spectrum: Dimitri And The Godhead


Nothing lifts the spirit and brings people together quite like the joy of music. It is a universal language which crosses all barriers, be they social, political, ethnic or dogmatic; a single vibrating thread which unequivocally unites us all.

Music’s transcendental beauty is a source of healing for those struggling to make human connections, and living with autism can be a lonely, alienating experience. However, there are some artists who have found a new voice through this powerful medium, and while they may not be able to meet your eye, through song, they can surely reach your heart…

Dimitri And The Godhead

Dimitri And The Godhead’s debut album, ‘Gaslit’, is an incredible journey into the trials of a grown man suffering from severe autism. Set to the tune of pre-programmed keyboard beats, the brains of the band, Dimitri, covers such harrowing topics as online bullying, his ex girlfriend still being in the band, and various lawsuits filed against him over the years.

Each track explores a new musical genre which serves to complement the emotional impact of Dimitri’s brutally honest and sometimes self-deprecating lyrics.

Songs such as ‘My Ex Girlfriend’s Still In The Band (A Ballad Of Cuckoldry)‘ cuts right to the emotional core of failed relationships and details the emasculating compromises Dimitri has made for the sake of becoming a famous musician.

They Call Me A “F.G.T.” Online (Because I Am…)‘ is likely one of the more vulnerable cuts on this 5 song EP. In it, Dimitri finally concedes to the gaslighting trolls who frequently attack him with homophobic slurs, and in doing so completely deflects these haters by owning his perceived shortcomings.

We here at Weekly Wasteland would highly recommend this album to anyone interested in the music of “Artists On The Spectrum”, as it’s a perfect example of the creativity and emotions these blessed individuals exhibit when expressing themselves through the medium of their choice.

Dimitri And The Godhead provides their debut album, ‘Gaslit’ for free download here. Also be sure to check them out on Facebook for future project updates.

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