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Artists On The Spectrum: Ean “Top Dawg” Griffiths


Nothing lifts the spirit and brings people together quite like the joy of music. It is a universal language which crosses all barriers, be they social, political, ethnic or dogmatic; a single vibrating thread which unequivocally unites us all.

Music’s transcendental beauty is a source of healing for those struggling to make human connections, and living with autism can be a lonely, alienating experience. However, there are some artists who have found a new voice through this powerful medium, and while they may not be able to meet your eye, through song, they can surely reach your heart…

Ean “Top Dawg” Griffiths

Australian rapper, Ean “Top Dawg” Griffiths’ hit “Can I Touch Your Pussy?” ruled the summer of 2016. From the energetic beat to the playful lyrics, this cut was a must have at every pool party and spring break event. Synonymous with bikini-clad vixens splashing and laughing in the sun, “Can I Touch Your Pussy?” set the bar to new heights and ushered in a new genre of hip-hop knows as Asp-Rap.

Top Dawg is as a master of “peacocking”; wearing bright colors and using bold silhouettes to garner the attention of women, something he has elevated to an art form, and his tour de force free style raps via his Facebook page have earned him a rabid, mostly female fanbase.

Sadly, the mainstream is not yet ready to let Toppy take center stage, but Top Dawg’s loyal army of flirtatious admirers are ready and willing to support him where ever his career may go. As the “Top Dawgerz” like to say: “LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!”

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