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A-Listers Who Suffer From Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Jim Carrey


We filthy commoners generally believe celebs are flawless in every respect; the absolute pinnacle of human perfection and accomplishment. But would you believe that some of the biggest stars in Hollywood suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)?

Perhaps your favorite actor or actress had a mother who abused alcohol while their star-to-be was still in utero? While a few A-Lister are open advocates for FAS acceptance, other celebrities, such as Tony Danza, have kept their disability a secret due to fear of how they’d be perceived by their adoring public.

However, Weekly Wasteland looks to celebrate these individuals for overcoming insurmountable odds, whether they want us to or not!

So get settled in, pour yourself the spirits of your choice, and enjoy our new ongoing series, ‘A-Listers Who Suffer From Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!’

Jim Carrey

Jim truly is an inspiration for FAS sufferers around the world. Despite near-crippling deformities of his joints, causing Carrey’s signature spastic, lurching mannerisms, Jim has channeled these physical shortcomings into pure comedic gold. Equipped with involuntary facial contortions, and uncontrollable, sporadic seizures, J.C. has taken the world of entertainment by storm!

Carrey credits his mother for his success, exclaiming, “I owe her alcoholism everything!” Carrey’s case is by far one of the most severe we have visited thus far, and yet it’s all those undesired symptoms of FAS which turned Carrey into a household name, as millions laugh at his below-average-intelligence, and insuppressible erratic motions!

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