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It’s Okay To Orgasm During Your OBGYN Visit And Here’s Why


A visit to the gynecologist is not something most women would describe as pleasurable, not unless you happen to be the lucky 1 in every 6 women who have involuntary orgasms during routine pap smears! Yes, there exists some women who love the feeling of a cold, steely speculum prying open their vaginal cavity–And that’s totally okay!

Many of these ladies find themselves overcome with feelings of humiliation and guilt because of the stigma related to their womanhood, and the sterile, professional environment of a gynecological office. However, Weekly Wasteland is here to prove that these feelings of self-loathing are purely the patriarchy at work, enforcing carnal shame on a physical response which is perfectly natural, and even healthy.

One thing is for sure, if you’ve ever let a wet spot on the disposable paper of the exam table, then you are definitely not alone!

Dr. B.K. Hartley of the American Medical Association advises women to remain as relaxed as possible during an OBGYN exam. Hartley goes on to explain, “The myth that women do not reach climax through penetration has done women’s rights a great disservice, reinforcing a frigid tension at the root of this male-instilled dissatisfaction. For the woman who is able to remain calm without letting her mind get twisted up by these urban myths, an orgasm during a pelvic exam can almost be guaranteed.”

So next time you visit the v-jay doc, let yourself kick back in the stirrups and have some fun! If you start to feel waves of pleasure, there is no need to fight it, or feel ashamed. Your doctor understands human biology, and should fully encourage of your healthy, natural expressions of sexuality.

It’s even O.K. to contract your pelvic muscles or discreetly press on your lower abdomen if you need a little boost to reach the “finish line”! This is all part of the miraculous gift that is womanhood, one which we should accept as a blessing, instead of a curse!

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Sabrina Levigne is a graduate of Brown University with a Master's Degree in Women's Studies. She currently lives in Denver, CO where she teaches sensual Tantric Yoga and offers one-on-one Life Coaching for women struggling to find their power within a patriarchal world.
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