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Discordian Parenting 101

Discordian Parenting™ Tips – 01/07/18

Simply put, Discordian Parenting 101™ is a workshop which aims to prevent Discordian Parents™ from turning their children’s lives into a living hell. We cover important child-rearing topics such as how to avoid putting addiction before your offspring, why it’s NOT okay to eat OR sell your young, and ways in which to behave like a responsible, fully-functioning adult! If…

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Monthly Weather Forecast With Trixie Brockney – 12/17/17

Welcome to Weather Update with Trixie Brockney… The Thomas fire continues to ravage Southern California from Santa Barbara to Ventura, promising to go down as the largest wild fire in California history. In spite of the tireless efforts of firefighters the blaze is only 45% contained. Well I could give them some advice on that topic, IT’S GOING TO FUCKING…

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