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Subcultures With The Largest Victim Complex: Body Poz Activists


Subcultures are defined by the beliefs of those who persecute them. These oppositions, real or imagined, are the glue which binds people together under a common cause, fandom, or religion. Indeed, oppression not only seems to be the catalyst for such mergings, but also the frothy mucilage of misery that welds them together.

Therefore, it’s only natural that these herds, some more-so than others, would settle into the cozy womb that is perpetual victimhood. In the following segment, Weekly Wasteland will detail a few of the worst offenders in this self-serving cycle of martyrdom, shared delusion, and mob mentality.

Body Positivist Activists

Few groups are as in your face about projecting their personal discomforts onto the rest of the world as the “health at every size” activists. These self-proclaimed lard-lovers are not content with merely clogging their arteries and having an offensive physical presence. Nay, in addition to their enormous bulk, they also developed loud and obnoxious “you go girl” attitudes as a defense mechanism for the prejudice they rightfully face from the rest of the world.

It’s as if they felt compelled to sprout personalities that were just as repugnant as their cellulite scarred bodies. However, beneath these petulant attitudes and hulking layers of adipose tissue, there is a smothered, insecure child, packing on the pounds as though it were a fleshy armor against the cruel jeers of the world.

Thus it is hardly a surprise that nearly all of these corpulent blowhards almost always claim to be feminists. Fat. Female. Feminists. It’s like the ultimate trifecta of self-indulgently discontent dregs who are only able to socialize with one another, as any conflicting opinions or points of views are seen as a direct personal attacks which must be met with piggish squealing, and aggressive insults.

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