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Subcultures With The Largest Victim Complex: Punk/Emo/Goth


Subcultures are defined by the beliefs of those who persecute them. These oppositions, real or imagined, are the glue which binds people together under a common cause, fandom, or religion. Indeed, oppression not only seems to be the catalyst for such mergings, but also the frothy mucilage of misery that welds them together.

Therefore, it’s only natural that these herds, some more-so than others, would settle into the cozy womb that is perpetual victimhood. In the following segment, Weekly Wasteland will detail a few of the worst offenders in this self-serving cycle of martyrdom, shared delusion, and mob mentality.


Let’s face it folks, these three are nearly indistinguishable from each other. Perpetually wallowing in a bottomless trench of defeatism, while blaming the world for their rejection and isolation is as much of an identifier as the running eyeliner of either gender.

Ever since little Billie Joe Armstrong and his gang of churlish miscreants hit the music scene in the early 90’s, fledgling delinquents have clamored over the three piece’s buzzy sound. Green Day’s dejected, anti-social lyrics that cover topics such as defecation and self-flagellation, have inspired an entire generation of melancholy youngsters to cross-dress whilst dodging personal responsibility for any number of the amoral acts they gleefully commit.

Trespassing, grave desecration, loveless sex acts with complete strangers, and felonious drug abuse rounds out the day for this unholy trinity of self-mutilation scars and glorified personality disorders.

Often spotted in or around malls, graveyards, and abandoned buildings, these kids love the negative attention their garish dress code affords them.

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Eugene grew up in a simpler time where men were men, and women were women. There wasn't all this damn gender confusion and sexual liberation. Nobody knows who or what the hell they are anymore! I'm sick of it! I served this country for 20 years of my life, only to have you prancin' around in your damn fairy clothes, tellin' people you're "gender fluid" WHATEVER THE HELL THAT MEANS...
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