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Subcultures With The Largest Victim Complex: Stoners


Subcultures are defined by the beliefs of those who persecute them. These oppositions, real or imagined, are the glue which binds people together under a common cause, fandom, or religion. Indeed, oppression not only seems to be the catalyst for such mergings, but also the frothy mucilage of misery that welds them together.

Therefore, it’s only natural that these herds, some more-so than others, would settle into the cozy womb that is perpetual victimhood. In the following segment, Weekly Wasteland will detail a few of the worst offenders in this self-serving cycle of martyrdom, shared delusion, and mob mentality.


If you’ve ever had the displeasure of attempting a debate with one of these lethargic, glassy-eyed dopers, they will insist that their habitual abuse of reefer doesn’t harm anyone, all while citing shady scientific studies pulled straight from pro-drug propaganda webpages, and blaming their refusal to become even marginally self-sufficient on the vague concept of a nonexistent Big Bad they refer to as “The Man.”

The stoner will expound upon, oftentimes in great detail, just how glorious their crippling addiction is, and the insignificant, if not downright erroneous ways in which smoking pot has improved their life. Any suggestions to the contrary are quickly met by being lumped in with the aforementioned “Man.”

Too lazy to bathe themselves or look for work, they become permanent fixtures in their family’s basements or friend’s couches. The stoner is too burnt out to realize that there’s no group of individuals out to “harsh their buzz” and “keep them down”; The people in their life simply wish for them to get clean, get a job, get out of the house, and live like a productive member of society.

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